Ayandeh Bank

Client: Ayandeh Bank
Date: 2016-11 - 2018-07
Services: Business Intelligence Software

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Ayandeh Bank's Challenge

Ayandeh Bank is a private bank based in the Islamic Republic of Iran that was facing increased competition in the banking industry. They were having difficulty managing and marketing their brand, which led to a decrease in their market share. To address these challenges, Ayandeh Bank partnered with our company on a project called "Nabz" in the business intelligence category.

The Solution

To help Ayandeh Bank overcome their challenges, we developed a software solution called "Nabz." The software enabled the bank to analyze data from various sources and display it on a dashboard. This allowed the bank to make more informed decisions about the development of their brand. One of the key benefits of the "Nabz" software was the ability to identify patterns and trends in customer behavior, which helped the bank to improve their marketing efforts and target specific demographics. Additionally, the software helped the bank to improve their management capabilities by providing detailed insights into the bank's performance.


The collaboration between Ayandeh Bank and our company was a great success. The "Nabz" software helped the bank to improve their brand image and increase their market share. Thanks to this project, Ayandeh Bank was able to stay competitive in the market and achieve their goals. Overall, the project was a great success for both Ayandeh Bank and our company. We are proud to have been a part of Ayandeh Bank's success and look forward to continuing our cooperation in the future.

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