Diako Farabar

Client: Diako Farabar
Date: 2020-05
Services: Logistics Automation System

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Identifying the Challenge

Diako Farabar Company, a leader in the international transportation industry, needed to streamline and automate their container and cargo tracking and management processes. The complexity of tasks and user roles within the organization presented a challenge for our team to design a system that would meet their specific needs.

Developing the Solution

Our team worked closely with the business owners to design an automation system that could accommodate the complexity of tasks and user roles. We developed a solution that not only met their specific needs but also exceeded their expectations.

Achieving Success

Thanks to the implementation of our automation system, Diako Farabar Company is now able to efficiently track and manage their multiple containers and cargos, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. The success of our solution has also prompted Diako to fully migrate their operations to online, cloud-based services. Our partnership has played a key role in Diako's continued success and growth in the international transportation industry.

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