Client: Pokk
Date: 2021-01
Services: Web design and developement

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A Struggling Website Hindering Business Growth

Pokk had an existing website, but as their brand grew and expanded, they realized that their website was no longer suitable for their needs. It was hindering their business growth and the user experience for their customers was subpar.

CST’s Tailored Solutions to Drive Success

That’s when they turned to CST for help. CST provided Pokk with a complete e-commerce website, tailored to their specific needs, to help them become a successful online brand. In addition to the e-commerce website, CST also provided a cloud-based POS software solution to handle their offline sales and manage inventory and shipping both online and offline. CST worked closely with Pokk to ensure that all their needs were met and that the solutions provided were effective in driving success.

Continued Success and Growth with CST’s Support

With the help of CST’s tailored solutions, Pokk was able to achieve the success and growth they were looking for. They continue to work with CST, developing new features and changes to help them succeed even further. Pokk’s journey from a personal idea for socializing and friendship to a successful online and offline business is a testament to the power of CST’s solutions and support.
Together, Pokk and CST have created a thriving brand that is well-positioned for continued success in the future.

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