Shila Restaurant Chain

Client: Shila Restaurant Chain
Date: 2021-01 - 2022-10
Services: Business Intelligence

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Identifying the problem and cleaning the database

Shila, a fast-growing restaurant chain, needed help with better understanding and utilizing their data. They turned to our company for business intelligence services to assist them in data gathering, cleansing, and analysis. Our team quickly identified that their database was disorganized and poorly optimized. We gathered all of their previous data and set to work on cleaning and optimizing it. We removed incorrect and duplicate information, making the data usable and reliable.

Creating data views and gaining valuable insights

Once the database was cleaned and optimized, we created multiple data views using the cleansed data. These views gave Shila valuable insights into their business operations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and better understand their customers' needs. Our work helped Shila establish a win-win relationship with their customers, suppliers, and employees by providing profitability to concessionaires, upholding the rights of consumers, providing reliable service to suppliers, and improving the performance, knowledge, skills, and ideas of employees.

Achieving goals and improving operations

Thanks to our partnership with Shila, they were able to improve their corporate infrastructure and achieve their goal of building the country's largest restaurant network. Our business intelligence services helped Shila to improve their business operations and achieve their goals. This partnership is a testament to our ability to help businesses unlock the power of their data.

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