Client: Tapsell
Date: 2022-01 - 2023-04
Services: Online Marketing Platform

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Identifying the Challenge

Our agency was proud to partner with Tapsell, a cutting-edge advertising network agency, to help them achieve their goals and take their business to the next level. Our first project with Tapsell was TagRow, an Instagram shop crawler that was put on hold due to Instagram filtering in Iran.

Solution Implementation

Our second project with Tapsell was RepHub, a platform designed to expand online advertising and help businesses communicate more effectively in advertising campaigns. We faced challenges such as unfamiliar tech stack, lack of documentation for the RepHub project, and connecting to Tapsell's internal services and systems. Despite these obstacles, we were able to deliver a successful MVP for RepHub and provide ongoing maintenance and support services.

Results and Ongoing Support

Thanks to our efforts, RepHub is now up and running, providing valuable services to clients looking to publish advertisement reports. Overall, our partnership with Tapsell was a success. We were able to help them achieve their goals and overcome challenges through our expertise and innovative solutions. We look forward to continuing to work with Tapsell and supporting their growth in the future.

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